Deto Novo stevia

DetoNovo-Packaging DesignThe series of products of DN stevia offer perfect quality and taste with no artificial substances. These products are the perfect choice for people who want to follow a balance and healthy lifestyle or who have diabetes. The product is manufactured in Greece. The stevia products follow the household and professional needs by using special packaging. Available in multiple sizes with an organic option, you can find the stevia packet package to suit you.

The tabletop sweetener stevia from the plant of stevia and erythritol can be used to accompany your tea or your coffee until to cover cooking needs. It is the ideal product for people who want to reduce calories and the amount of sugar. Stevia plant is 300 times sweeter than cane sugar, so it is can be used in small quantities. Stevia leaves Stevia leaves are highly nutritious and contain more than 100 vital nutrients. Specifically stevia


  • Zero calories

  • Zero glycemic

  • Only natural ingredients

  • Has crystal form

  • Safe for diabetics

  • Not create allergic reactions

  • Maintain the sweeting properties during   cooking

  • With no bitter aftertaste

The milk or dark chocolate stevia made from cocoa and stevia gives the opportunity to enjoy something sweet fearless. Also, the bars of chocolate can be used to prepare something sweet, such as a chocolate cake or biscuits with chocolate. You can find the chocolate stevia in the package of 40gr. Dark chocolate gives the same bitter sense like the other chocolates but with no added sugar. The taste that leaves is the same with the common chocolates. However, the benefits that offer are such us nutrition (controls blood sugar); help the physical and mental state.

  • They are full of beneficial goodness

  • No added sugar

  • No added preservatives

  • Non addictive because of fiber

  • Gluten free

  • All natural

  • Contains a natural sweetener stevia

  • Safe for diabetics and children

  • Protect dental health

  • Reduce obesity