Food Preservatives

If you want a perfect additive for food, try our efficient and nutrient rich preservatives. Available in different types, our efficient preservatives will extend the expiration day of foodstuffs and edibles. Our products eliminate decays and maintain quality of the product. Other preservatives are not efficient and reliable. They don’t bring necessary improvements in food stuffs. Their efficient taste and long term benefits can surely enhance your eating experience. So, try our efficient and reliable preservatives to maintain the quality of your food. We have given best of our efforts to bring an efficient combination of performance and cost efficiency with our products. Customer satisfaction is our prime focus and our manufacturing techniques are dedicated towards achieving it. Adding our products will give efficient and reliable results.

Our main products include the following:

1. Sorbic acid

2. Potassium sorbate

3. Sodium Benzoate

4. Calcium Propionate